• Claire

Scuba Diving With Sharks!? - Julian Rocks, Byron Bay | Youtube Video

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

My first experience diving in Australia and the two best dives I've done (so far) was at Julian Rocks just off the cost of Byron Bay, New South Wales. The water was swarming with Leopard Sharks, Bull Rays, Wobbegong Sharks and beautiful, colourful fish!

Julian Rocks Nguthungulli Nature Reserve is located around two rocky islands 2.5 kilometres off the coast of Byron Bay and is known as one of the top ten diving spots in Australia.

The company I dived with was Blue Bay Divers and I couldn't recommend them enough. Blue Bay Divers is based out of Brunswick Heads which is around 2 hours drive south of Brisbane. They were extremely helpful for me being a new diver and served us a delicious lunch on the boat. My double dive with full gear hire cost me $165 which is pretty reasonable for the area.

The Leopard Sharks were definitely the highlight of the dive - there were so many swimming so close to us! Although their faces look quite 'scarily shark-like', they're completely harmless and were quite happy swimming alongside, above and below us.

Diving with Blue Bay Divers at Julian Rocks

You can watch the video of my experience diving at Julian Rocks here: