• Claire

Where to Next? | Leaving Canada for Central & South America...

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

I've now been overseas for more than 260 days, which seems crazy! I'm loving this adventure but at times, definitely miss the familiarity of home and family and friends, especially around the holiday period. I've left my beautiful second-home in Vancouver Island and secured a cheap flight from Vancouver to Mexico to escape the Canadian winter.

My plan is to start off with a week in Cuba then return to Cancun, Mexico and backpack south down the Yucatan Peninsular into Belize. I have given myself 7 weeks to make it down through Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to Costa Rica. Then, I will fly from Costa Rica to Peru and from there, who knows!

I will be solo backpacking the entire time, staying in hostels and bussing it around and trying to stick to a minimal budget so I can afford to travel for longer. This will be the longest time I've ever been on the road and I definitely think it will be a challenge. But I feel like this experience will be incredibly freeing - I only have up until New Years Day booked and then I will just go where the wind takes me!

I still have to pinch myself everyday that I'm fortunate enough to be able to make a trip like this happen and to live out my dream of seeing the world! I'm super super excited for the next couple months.

You can keep up with my adventures on either of my Instagram accounts:

claire_brack / chasingafterclaire

I will also be aiming to write blog posts as frequently as possible, but I definitely struggle to make the time (and find decent internet!) while on the road!