• Claire

Where to Next? Update: Travel Plans for the Rest of 2018

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

So I've had a pretty cool 2018 so far… I've road tripped down the east coast of Australia, spent 3 weeks in the Philippines, visited NYC and worked at a summer camp in Ontario for 4 months, and now it's time for some new adventures!

I've been at bit MIA on my blog these past two months as a result of the craziness/exhaustion of working at a summer camp and not having access to decent enough Wi-Fi to post. I'm currently in Toronto and will fly across the country over to Vancouver tomorrow to start the next leg of my gap year adventure.

I have plans to road trip the Canadian Rockies with two friends from home which I am SO SO excited for! We will hire a car in Vancouver and visit Tofino, Whistler, Kamloops, Jasper and Banff. I can't wait to hike in the mountains and see some incredible scenery.

Once we finish our road trip and my friends fly back to Australia I will head to Vancouver Island to begin a new job as an Au Pair which I am really looking forward to. I will stay in Vancouver Island until December then hopefully start a trip backpacking through Central America.

But in the mean time, plenty of new blog posts are in the works and on their way!